About Us

Brigit™ Group of Companies is a proudly South African company that offers integrated, comprehensive fire protection solutions for a multitude of different businesses.

Our mission is to develop first-world fire detection and prevention infrastructure all over Africa.

We provide fire education, fire detection, fire containment protection and fire suppression services, all of which are customised to the size and needs of each of our clients.

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Our all-inclusive offering comprises:

  • Fire suppression systems
  • Conventional and addressable fire detection
  • HSSD, which stands for ‘High Sensitivity Smoke Detection’
  • Fire containment protection
  • Fixed suppression systems
  • Complete fire prevention system design
  • Onsite and offsite cylinder refills
  • Room integrity testing
  • And product training for employees
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OSID – Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection

Brigit Systems is officially a Distribution Agent for all OSID Detection Equipment. Large, open spaces – airports, train stations, stadiums and shopping malls – pose unique challenges to reliable fire detection due to their environmental nature and limitations. Open-area Smoke Detection Reinvented: OSID is a new technology designed specifically for these environments, enabling early detection…

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Our Accreditations

We are a proud distributer of