OSID – Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection

Brigit Systems is officially a Distribution Agent for all OSID Detection Equipment. Large, open spaces – airports, train stations, stadiums and shopping malls – pose unique challenges to reliable fire detection due to their environmental nature and limitations. Open-area Smoke Detection Reinvented: OSID is a new technology designed specifically for these environments, enabling early detection…

VESDA E – The Next Generation of ASD

Brigit Systems is officially a Distribution Agent for all VESDA Detection Equipment. VESDA-E is the next-generation of VESDA, featuring multiple innovative capabilities that dramatically improve the VESDA experience: VESDA Smoke+, offers increased sensitivity – up to 15 times greater than VESDA VLP, improved dust rejection, double the longevity while maintaining sensitivity over its lifetime, up…

Ivor Whitcher Gas Suppression Division Director

Hard Work Paying Off for Ivor Whitcher

Ivor Whitcher promoted to Gas Suppression Division Director. Brigit Systems is proud to announce the promotion of Ivor Whitcher to Gas Suppression Division Director. Ivor joined Brigit Systems in September 2008 and since then he has proven his commitment and dedication to the company. Ivor has been a key part of the success of Brigit…

BSI Kitemark accreditation

Our Accreditation

Brigit Systems is proud to announce. We have obtained a BSI Kitemark accreditation for the following products : Brigit™227 (HFC 227), our Clean Agent System and Brigit Envirogen™ (IG55 & IG541), our Inert Gas system.

The BSI Kitemark™ is a well-recognised quality and safety symbol.

BSI Kitemark is now recognised all over the world as a symbol of quality and safety.

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Next-generation EnviroMist/GreenMist technology

October, Fire & Safety Fire prevention company Brigit Systems recently hosted a presentation at its new headquarters in Honeydew to introduce the EnviroMist/GreenMist range of watermist fire suppression systems to the local market. Based on patented rotor technology from Telesto Systems in Poland, this next-generation technology produces an ultrafine mist of water droplets which is…

Environment Banner

Protection that Respects the Environment


Article Written By Kurt Werner, Environmental Affairs Manager at 3M

For many years, halon was the fire extinguishing agent of choice in a wide variety of applications and particularly those where it was important to minimize damage to valuable assets (e.g. electrical and computer equipment, museum artefacts, ships’ engines, etc).